What type of devices does the illuminating piano support?
  • The illuminating piano works with computers and tablets running Windows Vista and Windows7 and up, iOS 8+ devices, and Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10) and up.
  • Note: Windows RT is not supported
  How do I turn on/off my illuminating piano?
  • Give it a little power – make sure your piano is plugged into a power source. Then, simply press the small square power button on the left back side of the device to turn it on or off.
  Do I need speakers to play the illuminating piano?
  • The illuminating piano does not have built in speakers. The sound will come through your computer or tablets speakers. If desired, you can use external speakers, or simply plug headphones into your device for high quality sound.
How do I connect my device via Bluetooth?  
If you’re using Windows
  • Windows Bluetooth connectivity is not currently supported
If you’re using an iPad
  1. First, make sure your device’s Bluetooth capability is turned on. This is found in Settings>Bluetooth on iOS devices. Make sure your Illuminating piano’s Bluetooth is also turned on by pressing the rectangle button on the back left side (it should glow when turned on).
  2. Then, click on the small button icon on the upper right hand corner of your iOS device. Click on the information symbol next to “illuminating piano” from the drop down menu. Then simply switch “Connect” to the on position and select “Pair” when requested.
  3. Your iOS is now connected to the illuminating piano, even when you exit the App!
  4. Note: IPad 2 does not support Bluetooth 4.0 and requires a direct connection
If you’re using Mac
  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Click on Bluetooth
  3. Select “Turn Bluetooth On"
  4. Make sure your McCarthy Illuminating Piano is turned on.
  5. Launch McCarthy Piano application for Mac
  6. Select the red MIDI light in the top right corner. This will open Audio Midi Setup.
  7. If you do not see the MIDI Studio window, you will need to select the “Window” dropdown and select “MIDI Studio”.
  8. Select Bluetooth. This will open Bluetooth Configuration.
  9. Find the entry for Illuminating Piano and select Connect. Your piano should be connected now! The MIDI light in the top right corner should be blue.
  10. If your piano is not connected, restart your McCarthy Piano application.
  How do I connect my device with a USB cable?
  • Just use a lightning USB cable to connect your illuminating piano to your device, and voila!
  How do I use the touch screen control panel?
  • The icons on the illuminating piano control panel match the application’s symbols on your personal device. You can use the control panel to pause or play your selection, control the volume, and to move forward and backward in your selection. The top four buttons allow you to change between modes, and the left and right hand icons control Left and Right Hand Assist.
  How do I install the tablet stand on my illuminating piano?
  • The illuminating piano has 2 threaded sockets at the rear center of the keyboard, the stand comes with attached screws. Just line up the holes and hand tighten.

  How do I connect my keyboard to the McCarthy Music Software?
  • If you’re using an iPad
    If you’re using an Illuminating Piano, you can connect to your iPad via Bluetooth.

    For direct connect, you will need an Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and a standard USB cable. Using the Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and a standard USB cable, connect your iPad to your digital piano as shown below:

    If you’re using a Mac
    If you’re using an Illuminating Piano, you can connect to your Mac via Bluetooth.

    If you’re using a Windows PC or Tablet or Mac
    All you need to connect your device is a standard USB cable . Using the USB cable, connect your device with your digital piano.

Software Installation  
Installing software on your PC or Windows tablet
  • The following Windows operating systems are supported: Windows - Vista, 7, 8 and 10
  • Download the software by going to our download page, and installing from there.
  • Note: Windows RT is not supported
Installing software onto your iOS device (iPad 3+)
  1. Click on the App Store, represented by the circled "A" inside the blue icon
  2. In the search bar in the upper right, type in "McCarthy Music." Once the app comes up, select it and install
Installing software onto your iPad 2

Our software does work with iPad 2 but it can be a bit finicky to set up.
Since iPad 2 doesn't support Ble (Bluetooth 4.0) a “Camera Adapter Kit” from apple is required to directly connect your Keyboard to the iPad.
Once you get the “Camera Adapter Kit” from Apple, you should be able to follow these steps to get it working on your iPad2:
  1. Unplug power from piano, unplug USB from iPad, and close McCarthy Music app fully
  2. Power on piano. Playing keys on the piano should show lights
  3. Plug USB into iPad. Playing keys on the piano should NOT show lights
  4. Launch app. The rainbow swipe should show on the piano and the connection light in the top right hand corner of the app should be blue.
  5. Make sure your “Ringer” switch is flipped to “On”. <— You will get no sound otherwise. This is a physical switch on the iPad next to the volume buttons.
Installing software on your Mac computer
  1. Open Safari or your preferred web browser
  2. Navigate to http://www.mccarthypiano.com
  3. Select Download from the top navigation bar
  4. Click on the “Download for Mac OS X” button
  5. The file will be downloaded onto your machine and placed in your Downloads folder
  6. Open your downloads folder and double click on the mccarthymusic dmg file
  7. Read the EULA and click "Agree"
  8. In the window that opens, double click the .pkg file
  9. Follow the steps in the installer to install the app
  10. You are now free to launch the app via your applications

  Installing the McCarthy Music software on a second device
  • The McCarthy Music software is capable of being downloaded on multiple devices – all you need to do is login with your personal credentials, and your account will be on two different devices. Be advised that it takes a couple of hours for all credits and previous sheet music purchases to download onto the new device.
  Why do I get an error message when launching the McCarthy Piano app?
  • Most first time users will get a message upon launching the program that says their device is not connected to the illuminating piano. Dismiss the message, and follow the instructions to connect your device.
  I can’t get my device to connect via Bluetooth!
  • It’s convenient and innovative, but Bluetooth technology is still working out its kinks. It can be a little tricky to connect your device the first time. If after following the Bluetooth instructions, you’re still running into trouble, we recommend exiting and re-launching the app, and turning on and off the Bluetooth on your Illuminating piano. The good news is that once you get the connection to stick the first time, it should reconnect seamlessly for future use.
  How do I set up a new user profile?
  • Click on the “Add New” icon to add a new account. Select your avatar, and enter your information into the “Add New Account” page. Click “Save” when finished.
  What do "Key Saver" and "Saver Time" mean?
  • Key Saver is a feature of the piano that causes the piano to self illuminate cycling through differnet key saver modes. Key saver is triggered by a period of inactivity that can be set via the "Saver Time" option.
  Why isn’t my profile saving correctly?
  • Please make sure that you have filled in all the fields in the profile settings page. To connect to the cloud and ensure you can download music from the Music Store, make sure you’ve selected “Store Profile in Cloud” and fill out the email and password fields.
  Why isn’t my password accepted when creating a new profile?
  • There two reasons why your password may be rejected. First, your two passwords entries much match exactly. There are also requirements to your password that must be met:
    1. It must be between 6 and 25 characters
    2. Password cannot contain empty spaces
  How do I reset my password?   How do I transfer credits?
  • Currently, there is no easy way to transfer or send credits from one account to another. If you have any questions about purchasing credits, or need help with credits purchased under the wrong account, email: contact@mccarthypiano.com
  How do I get new sheet music?
  • Download new sheet music by clicking on “Store” from the main menu. Many songs require a certain amount of credits to purchase. To obtain McCarthy Music credits, simply select any song, and click on the “Get Credits” button. Alternatively, you and purchase credits from your profile settings page. Then follow the on-screen directions to enter your billing information. There are a number of songs in the Music store that are also free. Simply click “Download” on these songs to add them to your Sheet Music library.
  What does "Cannot Buy" under a song in the Store mean?
  • To purchase music from the store, you must have an account that is stored in the Cloud. You can change this in your profile settings
  Can I share purchased music between users?
  • All users of a device may access music purchased on that device, sharing to other users of a different device is not permitted.
  How do I change my theme?
  • To change your theme, go to your user profile and select from the “theme” menu. Alternatively, when playing a piece, click on the “Display” icon and select a new theme.
  What are Achievements?
  • Each user profile has its own unlockable achievements. Click on any achievement to see what action is required to be awarded.
  How do I get stars?
  • You can earn stars by playing songs within learn and perform modes. Depending on the length and difficulty of the song each song has a maximum number of stars for each mode. Practicing only a few measures of a song will result in fewer earned stars for that mode.
  What is "Free Play?"
  • Free Play allows you to play the illuminating piano completely free of distraction! Without any guidance, enjoy playing or composing songs on your own.
  Sheet Reader
  What do the different playing modes do?
  • There are four main playing modes: Listen, Learn, Perform, and Select. Choose Listen mode, and the illuminating piano will play the piece of music for you. This helps you get a better understanding of what the song should sound like before you begin the learning process.
    1. Listen mode plays the song back in real time letting you hear how it should sound.
    2. Learn mode helps you learn the piece by illuminating the correct keys as you go. The song won’t move forward until you’ve pressed the right note.
    3. Perform mode lets you play the piece on your own, but will let you know if you’ve hit a wrong key by lighting it up red.
    4. Select mode allows you to select one or more measures for intensive and repetitive playing of a specific area. This can allow you to rapidly improve in small chunks of a larger piece of music at one time.
  How do I switch playing modes?
  • There are two ways to choose your mode: from the touchscreen control panel on the left side of the keyboard, or on the top left of your device screen.
  How do I turn off the metronome or change the tempo?
  • The “playing” settings in the upper right hand of your personal device give you the option to turn off the metronome or change the tempo.
  What are "Sounds?"
  • The illuminating piano has sound settings that allow you to personalize your experience. Choose from different instrumental sounds and set your volume here.
  How do I change the key colors or turn the illumination off?
  • Click on “Display” on the upper right side of your device. Here you will find various settings to create your ideal playing environment. To turn off the key lights, slide the bezel of the off position. You can change the key colors for each hand by clicking on Left or Right Color and selecting your preferred color for each hand.
  What are "Hints?"
  • Hints help you learn a piece by allowing you to search for the correct note yourself first. Set the number of seconds to the length of time you want the Illuminating piano to wait before showing you the right key.
  What is "Fingering?"
  • Fingering data can be rendered on the sheet music to guide you in what finger to use for a specific note.
    Your thumbs are always finger #1 counting outwards the little finger is #5
  What is Right and Left Assist?
  • Right and left hand assist modes help you master a piece on hand at a time. Turn on left hand assist to focus just on the right hand notes, and the Illuminating piano will play along with you!