Dear customers,

It’s with great sadness that we announce today (12/19/2019) that McCarthy Music is ceasing operations. We’ve been working on a solution for learning to play piano for six years now, and we have failed to create a viable business. The team in Seattle thanks you for sticking with us, and we wish them the best of luck as they move on to other adventures. We recently put out an update to our software, that includes a lot of free content for everyone. You can access the Windows, macOS, and iPad builds of our software from this page. This software is provided “as-is”, and without warranty. There will be no staff to help you with any problems, but if you enjoyed using our product, as many customers did, this will allow you to continue to use it hopefully for years to come.

As a part of winding down, we’ve disconnected our database from our software, and removed the availability of our digital goods store (lessons and songs for purchase). If you have an existing installation of McCarthy Music software, you can still use songs you’ve previously purchased, but moving forward we have no way to “restore” this content on new installations, as we didn’t own it to begin with, only licensed it, and that license has terminated. As mentioned above, we've added a bunch of musical pieces to everyone’s account, hopefully you can still enjoy McCarthy Music software if you’d like.

While our products have been far from perfect, we’ve always tried to operate with a sense of integrity, respect, and decency, and we’ve tried to manage this shutdown in a similar manner. Thank you for working with us, and we’re sorry we must close, but this business doesn’t support itself at this time, and we can no longer sustain significant losses. Many of us have put many years into trying to make McCarthy Music a success, and unfortunately, we have not been successful.

Thank you for working with McCarthy Music, and we wish you success and happiness in your life.

The McCarthy Music Staff
Seattle, WA, 12/13/2019
McCarthy Music