Our Vision...
Enabling our customers to become great musicians

We have a profound respect for our customer’s time, and our goal is to provide the most efficient and engaging way to learn to play a musical instrument. This respect for the customer’s time and desire to enable the customer to be great drives all of our thinking.


We believe that the whole is much greater than the sum of the parts. The integrated approaches to our solutions, which visitors to this site will learn more about in the coming months, provide us with a unique platform from which to enable customers to grow and enjoy themselves. Whenever we encounter a problem, we look for an integrated solution.


If you don’t enjoy playing music, why would you do it? We hope to make music fun and engaging for people of all ages. And we hope to offer fun and challenging jobs for our employees. If you want to build an amazing product, one that people will write about in history books 20 years from now, McCarthy Music wants to speak with you today.

About Us

McCarthy Music was founded in early 2013 by Jason McVey and Kevin McCarthy. Kevin and Jason have been near lifelong friends, having graduated Woodinville High School together in 1994. Since then, Kevin and Jason have each had very successful careers, mostly independent of each other, in entrepreneurial endeavors, software development and internet marketing. McCarthy Music is a rejoining of two old friends and colleagues, toward the shared vision of making music easier to play for everyone.