Software Features - Online Piano Lessons with McCarthy Music

Online piano lessons just got a whole lot better

With tons of features that go way beyond just video chat, this is the world's first platform tailor-made for piano.

Screenshot of scoreviewer
Scoreviewer in Learn mode

Learn mode

Step through any piece of music at your own pace, note by note. See instant on-screen feedback so you know right away if you're playing the correct notes.

Scoreviewer in Assist mode

Assist mode

Let the software play one hand of the piano for you so that you can focus on one hand at a time while also hearing what the other hand should sound like.

Scoreviewer in Select mode

Select mode

Select one or more measures for intensive and repetitive playing, allowing you to break up a piece of music into bite-sized chunks for rapid progress.

Screenshot of video chat

Video chat

Video and audio are optimized to minimize lag, and you can easily switch between chatting with your teacher and looking at the sheet music.

Your teacher has a high level of control

Our expert instructors lead the way so you can focus on learning.

Icon of pencil writing on paper


Your teacher can write comments on your sheet music and you can review them anytime, even when you're not in a lesson.

Icon of music note with display options


Your teacher can show you fingering numbers and note names directly on the score for each note.

Icon of metronome


Your teacher can speed up or slow down the tempo of the song and toggle the metronome on and off.

More features to make learning great

We've listened to students and teachers everywhere and turned suggestions into reality.

Music store icon of shopping bag

Music Store

Choose from over 1,500 songs (and growing!) in a wide range of genres and skill levels, ready for use in the app.

Video archive icon of play button

Video Archive

Save everything in an organized archive that includes video plus all the materials used during the lesson.

Multiple cameras icon of two cameras

Multiple Cameras

All of our teachers have at least two cameras, including a "hands" camera. You can use multiple cameras, too!

McCarthy Cloud icon of cloud

McCarthy Cloud

Keep your profile and all your data with you. Use any piano and any supported device with the cloud.

File viewer icon of page with bent corner

File Viewer

Besides sheet music, your teacher can share other files with you—including images, text, and video—right in the app.

Custom themes icon of paintbrush

Custom Themes

Personalize the look and feel of the app with fun themes and a variety of avatars to make it your own.

Take your experience to the next level

Get the free McCarthy Piano Camera app for iPhone and iPad.